Because We Are Strong

INTERVIEW: Kenzi Paquin & Cervical Cancer

May 17, 2022 Kristine Hoestermann / Keniz Paquin Season 3 Episode 95
Because We Are Strong
INTERVIEW: Kenzi Paquin & Cervical Cancer
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Meet Kenzi: 
I had a positive pap in 2016, got a biopsy and found out it was stage 1 cancer. I was told I had HPV 16 and that’s what had caused my cancer. I Had a colposcopy, got it lasered & was good to go. I was supposed to have semi annual paps but didn’t go. I had 5 babies (two after the first diagnosis) and got wrapped up in life and never made Pap smears a priority. I didn’t know it was important.. I didn’t go get a Pap after my last daughter was born.

After four years of not getting a Pap smear, I went in in September 2020..i had a positive pap and dysplasia was found.

they did a colposcopy and biopsy. Staged me at 3b. I did a leep procedure. I went through two rounds of chemo (Carboplatin and paclitaxel) and internal/external radiation. And they took me back very quick to get a total hysterectomy. The next pet scan showed two of my pelvic lymph nodes were being effected.

So I had a second surgery.. I got para-aortic lymph nodes dissection. A week after that surgery I went to the hospital for pain and they found out I had an internal secondary hemorrhage. They did a surgery for packing and vault suturing. I also required a blood transfusion. (I’m anemic anyways) Following that I had surgery for a cuff tear that required a revision. After that I developed cuff cellulitis infection. I was hospitalized with Iv antibiotics. I got my last a pet scan in April 2021 and The surgeries were successful to get rid of the cancer. My scan was clear. I had to go in every 3 months for a check up scan (CT or PET) my husband got out of the military and we moved from California to Michigan to buy our first house. I set up my follow up appointment. It NEVER crossed my mind that the cancer could be back.. I was determined and had plans to live life cancer free. Due to my Covid symptoms they called me and read to me my results. I had a 5.6 cm tumor in my pelvic/abdominal wall cavity. Biopsy came back cancerous. I started chemo right away. They sent me to a surgeon. He took me back for my 6th surgery. Performed Debunking & small bowel resection. Tumor was removed en bloc, with 2 segments of small bowel. The surgeon anticipates 3-5 more surgeries. After that, I had went to the ER for breathing struggles and they had found a nodule on my left lung. I just got a biopsy recently and am waiting for my results. I also go talk to the surgeon next week to discuss more surgeries. In the meantime i have gotten Covid (for the second time) I’ve have had to wear a 24 hour heart rate monitor. I have severe vertigo and was passing out. After hitting my head numerous times, they Diagnosed me with post concussion syndrome. The dr found out why it was happening and diagnosed me with POTS..and I have a vitamin b 12, vitamin d, magnesium and potassium deficiency which I am taking medicine for now. I’m already anemic and have needed multiple blood infusions through the last couple years.

I’m just happy and thankful to be at home right now with my family instead of living in the hospital.


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