Because We Are Strong

INTERVIEW: Patti M. Hall & Loving Large

May 25, 2021 Theresa Thomas & Kristine Hoestermann // Guest: Patti M. Hall Season 2 Episode 56
Because We Are Strong
INTERVIEW: Patti M. Hall & Loving Large
Show Notes

This week we are sitting down with Patti, a writer, book coach, rare disease advocate, and author of loving large, a mother's rare disease memoir.

Meet Patti:

I'm an author, writing coach, and publishing project manager, and a proud #memoiraholic. I adore non-fiction and especially the memoir and personal narrative genre.

I'm an architect of story. I help people design and build books. I love the way that books are constructed — their infrastructure begins from the scaffolding of an outline, chapter, scenes, backstory, and reflection. The thematic structure is revealed like specks of color; breadcrumbs for the reader to find their way to your conclusion.

I'm a magnet for the story. I was built for listening, cultivating memories, and tugging at tales. I'm that person you meet at a dinner party, between the shelves at the library or in the coffee shop line that you find yourself telling your history to.

I happen to have a Bachelor's and a Master's degree, and no they aren't in English lit creative writing. My education explains my appreciation for formal writing, and my many years of coaching aspiring university essay writers.

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