Because We Are Strong

INTERVIEW: Michelle Fruhschien & Mamabear4rare

August 03, 2021 Kristine Hoestermann / Guest: Michelle Fruhschien Season 2 Episode 65
Because We Are Strong
INTERVIEW: Michelle Fruhschien & Mamabear4rare
Show Notes

Just a mamabear advocating and spreading awareness. Motivated by my daughter, driven by change

My journey is just beginning, but my mission will not be complete until treatment and/or a cure.

My daughter was born and diagnosed 8 months later with a rare disease called Jordan’s Syndrome. There are about 180 individuals worldwide diagnosed and the number is growing. It became my mission to help her beat the odds and work hard every day to get stronger.

While doing so, I too became stronger and learned that my voice, my actions, and my advocacy, can also  help her and others in the rare disease world stand a fighting chance.

It all started one night when I found myself in bed, tears streaming down my face. The next thing I knew, I was writing it all down, which eventually became my blog. I started to feel a little less burderened by my fears and emotions, and a whole new world was opened up to me.

I am trying to spread awareness and raise money for Jordan’s Guardian Angels, my daughter, the challenges and struggles, the triumphs, and daily life.

My goal is to connect with others in the rare disease community, but also reach others outside of the rare disease world so they can better understand the daily struggles and fears that patients, caregivers, and community members face every day.

The more awareness that is out there, the better we can all work together for a common cause: scientific advancements, collaboration, better understanding, and inclusivity.

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