Because We Are Strong

INTERVIEW: Joe Bullok & Stage 3B Colorectal Cancer

September 25, 2021 Kristine Hoestermann / Guest: Joe Bullock Season 2 Episode 73
Because We Are Strong
INTERVIEW: Joe Bullok & Stage 3B Colorectal Cancer
Show Notes

I am a survivor of stage 3b colorectal cancer. I was diagnosed in May 2018 after a routine colonoscopy. I have been NED since February of 2019. Trevor Maxwell a stage IV CRC patient who created ask me to help him create The Howling Place Group on Facebook. We have grown to 1100 men strong in 16 months. The goal is to help men not to self isolate themselves during cancer diagnosis and treatment. to also support them during survivorship

Stage 3b colorectal cancer survivor Durham, N.C.

I was diagnosed in May of 2018 with stage3b Colorectal Cancer after a routine Colonoscopy at age 50. I had symptoms for a few months but had ignored them for several months following the death of both my parents in 2017 within a six-month period. During the Colonoscopy, my GI doctor found two polyps and a 1Ocm tumor in my colon. I had surgery to remove the tumor, reconnect my colon, and had 40 lymph nodes removed. Three of those tested positive for cancer. After surgery i underwent treatment with two forms of chemotherapy, Oxaliplatin infusions and Xeloda pills for 8 cycles or six months. In February 2019 I became known as NED (No Evidence of Disease) or cancer-free.

Over the last few months, I have been working on finding my voice in the cancer community. I have begun living by the mantra " Cancer might be done with me but I'm not done with cancer." I have looked to other men in the cancer community who have made strides in this area and followed their examples. The following are my current roles of advocacy in the cancer community.

*** January 2020 Lead Administrator for the Men's Cancer Facebook support group 'Man Up To Cancer/ The Howling Place' . It's a part of 

*** February 2020 I became a 'Card Angel' for Chemo Angels

***April 2020 I became a contributor to as a blogger for ' Joe's Wolfpack Trailblazers' . A blog about the works of service and the daily lives of the men of The Howling Place. 

***June 2020 I became an Ambassador for Fight CRC 2021 

*** October 2020 I became an Empowered Patient Leader for

***December 2020 Created 'Colontown Junior' with the help of to support the families of children diagnosed with pediatric colorectal cancer.

I am married to my wife Michelle Bullock for 29 years. We live in Durham, N.C. with our two children.

Connect with Joe:

twitter @jbullock114

instagram jbullock114


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