Because We Are Strong

INTERVIEW: Tri Bourne Olympian & Myositis Warrior

October 18, 2021 Kristine Hoestermann / Tri Bourne Season 2 Episode 75
Because We Are Strong
INTERVIEW: Tri Bourne Olympian & Myositis Warrior
Show Notes

Hey Peeps! It’s Kristine and I am flying solo! Today we have a very special guest, Olympic volleyball player Tri Bourne! Not only is Tri an elite athlete, he also is a RARE. athlete, having been diagnosed with Dermatomyositis in 2016. This is going to be a great episode, so let’s dive in

Tri Bourne is a professional beach volleyball player, former professional indoor player and NCAA Division 1 Men's Volleyball player for the USC Trojans. He has been a part of the United States indoor and beach national teams since 2005. He was born on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, where he grew up. Tri's journey has been truly RARE.  In 2016 the onset of a rare disease came and took Tri out of the game for nearly two years. Determined to make his dreams come true Tri fought back and found himself at the Toyko 2020 Olympics.

Meet Tri Bourne:
I’m a beach vball professional. I got an autoimmune disease back in 2017 which kept me out for 2 seasons. I later came back, after making the most of my time off, and made the Olympic team…. Find more information at my website

Learn More about Tri Myositis Journey

Connect with Tri:

FB: tribourne
YouTube channel:  Tri Bourne 


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